Dominic Beattie and intutition

Dominic Beattie, Untitled, 2012, Ink, paper, collage and spray paint on board, 36 x 32 cm
Sam Cornish writes about Dominic Beattie's work, its part interview part essay for Abstract Critical. Cornish creates an interesting pathway to understanding Beattie's process which includes cannibalizing one work to build the surface of another...

A preference for the brittleness of hardboard or the speed with which a line of gaffer or electrical tape can be laid down is important because he thinks through his material. If those are not the words he uses, at least he calls himself a ‘maker’, more than a ‘thinker’, and believes that if he too completely envisions a work in advance it almost always fails – with the most effective parts of his paintings often the ‘happy accidents’, rhymes and visual coincidences that could only be arrived at through improvisation. He attaches a lot of importance to an intuitive rightness, a visual punch – a successful work ‘pops’. 
Dominic Beattie, Untitled, 2013, spray paint, enamel, ink, and varnish on board,

Dominic Beattie, Untitled, 2013, Ink, spray paint hard board, 39 x 20 cm

Dominic Beattie, 2012, Aluminium, ink, tape and varnish on board, 56 x 36 cm


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