El Greco and Modern Painting

In Spain the Prado has one of those exhibitions that make academics, and especially academic painters happy. El Greco and Modern Painting is up through October as part of the commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the masters death. The exhibition highlights the impact of the El Greco on 19th and 20th century painters by pairing many seminal works with more than 70 modern works. Manet, Picasso, Kokoschka, Pollock, Giacometti, Bacon, Matta all found resonance in El Greco's paintings. Here's a sample...

Left, El Greco, An Old Gentleman, Oil on Canvas 1587-1600 46 x 43
Right, Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Jaime Sabartes with a Ruff and a Hat, Oil on canvas, 1939, 46 x 38 cm
Left, El Greco, The Annunciation, Oil on canvas, 91 x 66.6cm, 1600-1603
Right, Edouard Manet, The Dead Christ with Angels, Oil on canvas, 179 x 149cm, 1864

Left, El Greco, the Resurrection of Christ, Oil on canvas, 113 x 52 cm, c. 1600
Right, Jackson Pollock, Untitled, Coloured pencil and graphite on paper, 457 x 305 mm 1937-1939


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