Robin Hill's hand-held things

Detail of Robin Hill, ‘Slide Carousel’ (2014)

Iris Cushing interviewed Robin Hill about her recent exhibition at Ramon's Tailor in San Francisco. They discussed Hill's long artistic interest in the unnoticed in our lives, cups, plastic bags, etc., things that are held in the hand but easily let go.  For the Ramon's Tailor exhibition Hill made rubbings of once ubiquitous slide carousel. When asked about the rubbings Hill responded
“I use it to capture materials that I’ve found — it’s a way of extending the life of those things. I’m not destroying the object, I’m not cutting it up, I’m just taking a reading of it. An analog, sort of hand-held scan.” .....“A core requirement of my work is that I develop something that’s already there,” says Hill.  more
Installation view, Robin Hill at Ramon's Tailor (all images courtesy the artist)
Installation view, Robin Hill’s ‘Slide Carousel’ (2014) at Ramon’s Tailor (all images courtesy the artist)


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