Nobson in Rotterdam

Nobson is Paul Noble's universe and his enormous drawings, sculptures, rugs and videos were are at the Museum Boijmans in Rotterdam. He gave an artist lecture this past week and provided some insight into his work, it was a charming and definitely rambling talk that was a welcome relief from the pin point clarity of many artists talks.  The whole project came about while he was working on an early computer designing a font. It was an early piece of software that didn't handle curves well and isometric perspective was quite simply easier to work with. This was the beginning of his nobfont and the nobfont is used to create words which are the beginning of the drawing. But the readability of the font isn't relevant, its the reading of the image, over time that is.

Paul Noble, Welcome to Nobson

Paul Noble, Installation View

detail or iron work

Paul Noble, Installation View


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