Simon Callery and involving the viewer

Simon Callery had a painting this summer at the recently shuttered Lion and Lamb Gallery. It was a sweet little thing, below, and sent me looking for more of his work. Abstract Critical interviewed Callery in 2012. He was commission to do a project for the Inland Sealand in Dorset and discussed being given a subject and how the experience of a landscape can become an experience of the painting.
AC: Would it be to literal to say that the paintings slope in the same way a hill slopes?SC: Well, it is possible to pick out literal aspects and I don’t really mind that too much. More important to recognize is that the physical qualities of the painting involve the viewer in a physical encounter. We do not just understand these works visually, we also need to understand them bodily. It is an intention of the work that we can get involved with all our senses and not just the eye, much like we do in landscape.  more

Simon Callery,  Red Painting (Soft) 

Simon Callery, Burnt Umber Painting, Inland Sealand, photo courtesy of the artist


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