Arturo Herrera was a little ho hum

Collage on books, collage on linens, Arturo Herrera's new show of medium to small works were just not that interesting. Thrift store paintings, flea market books, embroidered table clothes, etc. all become material that in the end all look like Arturo Herrera paintings. 

Untitled, 2014
Mixed media
7.25 x 5 x 1 inches

Untitled (Jonny Brock), 2014
Mixed media on aluminium
30.875 x 26.375 inches

Untitled (Red/Blue Boars), 2014
Mixed media on textile
22.5 x 15.375 inches

Untitled (Liebe), 2014
Mixed media on canvas
43.25 x 22.5 inche


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