Huh, Lily van der Stokker

The cartoonish verve of Lily van der Stokker’s irrepressible installations, which consist of walls and objects painted light, feminine shades, can sometimes disguise the originality and sharpness of her art. With subtle plays of cryptic phrases, color and forms, her best efforts appear adamantly cute until they start filling up with mixed signals of longing, conflict and repressed urges. “Huh,” her current piece, meditates on the illusion of equality between the sexes, and also in relationships between artists, regardless of their sex. Roberta Smith, review for NYT 9/11/2014

You might also check out this interview with van der Stokker in Art in America last month by Steel Stillman 

Lily van der Stokker, 

Yelling Women, Acrylic on Wood, 2014

Huh 2, Acrylic paint on wood, acrylic paint on cut vinyl, toilet paper rolls, 2014


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