Daily Life, Sarah McEneaney

Sarah McEneaney Studio Living at Tibor De Nagy continues to document her daily life in egg tempera and acrylic. Don't be fooled, the mundane subject matter is a cover for some very complex paintings.

Roberta Smith writes
Sarah McEneaney’s paintings resemble art-savvy folk art. But they are also abstractions in which intense planes of color define boxy shapes and plunging perspectives that are then festooned with the details of Ms. McEneaney’s life as an artist. An energetic push-pull between form and narrative ensues. First we see red and pink, then we see tile, bricks and walls, and then a woman engaged primarily in two activities: painting and not painting. more

Urdhva Prasarita Padasana
egg tempera on gessoed wood
20 x 10 inches
Sarah McEneaney, Urdhva Prasarita Padasana, 2013, egg tempera on gessoed wood, 20 x 10 inches

ACT with Me (AB)
acrylic on gessoed linen
36 1/4 x 48 inches
Sarah McEneaney, ACT with Me (AB), 2014, acrylic on gessoed linen
36 1/4 x 48 inches

Wooly Pockets
acrylic on gessoed wood
24 x 36 inches
Sarah McEneaney,Wooly Pockets, 2014, acrylic on gessoed wood, 24 x 36 inc


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