Artist Interview: Gladys Nilsson

Nicole Rudick interviewed Gladys Nilsson for the Paris Review in November. They talk about Seurat, Pollock, German Expressionism, classical beauty, and of course her work. Nilsson speaks of the new work, which I posted on earlier in the most direct manner possible

There’s a large person who is very content and happy, but there are all these other things going on that perhaps she’s not privy to. That’s a theme that’s been constant in a lot of my work. Sometimes my people know exactly what’s going on, and other times they’re just going along and suddenly they realize that there are little corner pockets that have some awfully strange stuff going on. 
 Check out the full interview here

Gladdys Nilsson
 A Girl in the Arbor #12, 2013
Mixed media on paper
29 3/4 x 41 1/2 inches


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