Color, Form and Space, Julian Stanczak

The 1970's looks pretty good in these works exhibited at Mitchell-Innes & Nash last fall. Stanczak was a student of Joseph Albers according to O.C. Yerebakan in his review for Art Observed. Yerebakan writes
....With the influence of Albers and his teachings on the essence of colors, Stanczak started to dwell into the complexities of color to discover their immaterialist presence, and ‘the energy of different wavelengths of light and their juxtapositions’ as he stated in an interview.

The gallery writes about his work..
Stanczak’s reverence for color comes from a desire to translate the drama and power of nature into a universal impression. His canvases are created through a complex process of tape masks in which colors are systematically added and unveiled in layers. While incredibly methodical, Stanczak works alone on his canvases without the aid of preliminary sketches, relying solely on his own vision of a finished work. 

JULIAN STANCZAK. Equatorial. 1978. Acrylic on canvas. 60 3/16 by 60 1/8 in.  

JULIAN STANCZAK, Spinning Away, 1971, Acrylic on canvas, 42 by 42 in.


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