Polyrhythm, Jason Karolak

Here are a couple of my favorite paintings from Jason Karolak's show at McKenzie FA. Thomas Micchelli reviewed the show for Hyperallergic. Micchelli describes the work richly...

The visual riddles posed by Karolak’s paintings — their refusal to settle into a single perspective and their devilishly complex accumulation of elements — tether their freewheeling abstraction and neon color to an unknowable reality. The faceted, see-through strata of densely woven skeins of paint advance and recede in space as the clusters of line and shape swarm and disperse. Nothing is settled. The compositions seem to be the conclusion of perpetual improvisation, which comes to a rest only upon some indefinable cue from the painting itself. The flares of color intersecting the surface reflect the ubiquity and permeability of networks; they seem to chart the ebb and flow of commerce, trace traffic patterns or plot the random directionality of an electrical field.
Untitled (P-1433), 2014
Oil on linen
16 x 14 inches

Untitled (P-1427), 2014
Oil on canvas
stretched over wood panel
15 x 13 inches


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