Glenn Goldberg, artist interview

"I think the body has its own needs. Although painters essentially paint with their eyes and their hands, their bodies have to participate in locating elements. And things aren’t always as symmetrical as they appear. Whatever people call it—a flower, a mandala, an energy form—to me it is a place to visit. At some point, about three years ago, I decided to make paintings using just black and white and the infinite gray scale they generate in between. It actually felt great because I didn’t have to deal with colors, which can be very intrusive and distracting. I was reminded again how and why I love Agnes Martin’s and Alan Uglow’s paintings. None of these works were ever filled with things. They dealt with the articulation of breath." Glenn Goldberg, Interview with Phong Bui for the Brooklyn Raid. Read the full interview here.
More images from the exhibition at Betty Cunningham

Glenn Goldberg, A Friend, 2015
Acrylic, gesso, ink and pencil on canvas
84 x 63 in.


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