Hope Gangloff's new work

Hope Gangloff's show at Susan Inglett Gallery is another figurative May show. Nicole Rudick writes
that Gangloff's
paintings are gratifyingly overstuffed with garish details rendered in contrasting patterns and in nips of fluorescent orange and extravagant swathes of hot pink. There’s a funny play between color and patterning in her work—the elements are at once discordant and of a piece, excessive and sensible.  (read more in the Paris Review)
The discord that Rudick refers to strikes me differently in this show. Her last show featured figures that were awkward, either in form or within the picture plane. This show feels like a more traditional figure painting show where the sitter is of greater importance than the painter.
GANGLOFF_Install l1.jpg
Installation view, Hope Gangloff
GANGLOFF_Moolog, Dad and Kieve.jpg


GANGLOFF_Study Lina with Drums.jpg


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