Lisa Yuskavage at David Zwirner

May seems to be the month for exhibitions of figurative painting? Here are a couple of works from Lisa Yuskavage's current show at David Zwirner. Roberta Smith's review for the Times began with the declaration that Yuskavage "needs to push more envelopes" Smith writes

Rankling several standards of taste, she reclaims women’s pleasure as their own while sometimes evoking metaphorically the repressions such freedom can invite. “Triptych,” the largest painting in Ms. Yuskavage’s previous solo show at Zwirner (in 2011), suggested the blood sacrifice of one of her sprites by stern pioneer women from the Old West.  more

Lisa Yuskavage, Scarecrow, 2012, Oil on linen 81 x 60 inches, courtesy David Zwirner
Lisa Yuskavage, Dude of Sorrows, 2015, Courtesy David Zwirner

Lisa Yuskavage, Hippies, 2013, Oil on linen
82 1/4 x 66 1/2 inches, courtesy David Zwirner

Installation view, David Zwirner


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