Darina Karpov at Pierogi

To me drawing forms out of the contact between pencil or brush and the surface of the paper. It’s a continuous weaving of thought, images, fantasies, and dreams which seem to emerge out of a semi-conscious state, from some zone where human and animal, past and future, interior and exterior, are still undifferentiated and are part of the same fabric. This very essential activity helps me tap into my personal mythology, to discover stories and characters. Darina Karpov 
Darina Karpov, Puzzles and Pagans, 2015, Watercolor and acrylic on paper, 61 x 55
Darina Karpov, Folie a deux, 2015, watercolor and acrylic on paper 55 x 75.25

Under the Spell 4, 2015, Watercolor on paper, 19 x 12"


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