Jennifer Wynne Reeves

Racing upward, like the fizz in a soft drink, that elusive pleasure pops when it hits air: a miniature Minimalist firework for the attentive.
David Pagel of the LA Times. Pagel describes the Jennifer Wynne Reeves paintings at CB1 Gallery.
A Bolt of Soul: Grooved Foreheads and Dog Teeth at CB1 Gallery
Jennifer Wynne Reeves, Untitled, 2013, Acrylic and collage on birch hardwood panel, 36 x 24"

Jennifer Wynne Reeves, It's Good to Have Hair, 2012

Jennifer Wynne Reeves, Breakaway Rosettes, 1997, Oil on birch hardwood, 20 x 16"

Jennifer Wynne Reeves, Your Earflaps Wave Goodbye, 2011, Acrylic, wire, wood on birch hardwood panel, 26 1/4" x 37"


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