Judy Glantzman and Winslow Homer

“The work started when I saw Winslow Homer’s Dressing for the Carnival in the exhibition, The Civil War, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The painting drew me in.  I made pen drawings, mapping relationships, rather than pictorially recreating the painting.  I found deep layers of complexity: formal, racial, American relationships.” Judy Glantzman. 
Judy Glantzman, Dressing for the Carnival at Betty Cunninghman.

Judy Glantzman, Columbo and Catherine Marie Jean, 2015, Acrylic on Canvas, 18 x 24 inches  

Installation View

Judy Glantzman, Baltimore, 2015, Graphite, ball point pen, Sharpie, acrylic and water color on paper, 73 x 55 1/4 inches 

detail, Baltimore


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