Karl Wirsum, The Hard Way

Karl Wirsum, The Hard Way at Derek Eller presents Wirsum's work from the 1970's.  According to the gallery press release
With the close of the 1960s and the final Hairy Who exhibition, Wirsum began moving away from conventional art objects and into puppets, display  signage, kites, and mannequins. His visual language changed, too, leaving behind the curvilinear forms and high-key color paintings for which he was known, and initiating a hard-edged geometric language with fewer colors and a focus on the possibilities of working with the entire human form, not just the bust. 

Karl Wirsum, Untitled, 1973, Ink on board

Karl Wirsum, A Long Way from Foam #2,, acrylic, marker, and ink on styrofoam

Karl Wirsum, Great Skates II, 1976, acrylic on board with painted frame, 31.125 x 25.25 x 2"


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