Keltie Ferris new paintings

Jarret Earnest interviewed Keltie Ferris last year for the Brooklyn Rail.  He asked Ferris about the relationship between his paintings, theater space and dance.

 I like the idea of my paintings being actors—I don’t know that I’ve ever thought of them as dancers. I think of them as people walking down the street, they have a personhood or selfhood that is visible in their smallest actions. Each of my paintings has its own personality, in a way that the best dance uses the unnamable stuff of the dancer; it’s not just the choreographer placing everything onto them, they are not just drones that enact this perfect score in a choreographer’s mind. 
Jason Stopa interviewed her for this months Art in America and they talked about Mondrian and her Body Prints.  Here are some of Keltie Ferris's new paintings at Mitchell Innes & Nash
KELTIE FERRIS, A+R+G+O, 2015, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 96 x 130"
KELTIE FERRIS, Cleopatra, 2015, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 96 x 130"

Keltie Ferris, oRiOn, 2015, Acrylic + Oil on Canvas, 72 x 60"


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