Nathalie Du Pasquier, The Big Game

Nathalie Du Pasquier's exhibition The Big Game includes drawings from the 80's done for the design group Memphis.
 Instead of focusing on defining periods within her oeuvre The Big Game describes the artist’s creative universe, pointing to connections, references, re-visits, fragmentations and quotations. The imaginative and imaginary world created by the artist continues to evolve, morph, cross-reference and expand until the most recent drawings finished just in time of the opening.
See more work here from the exhibition at Exile in Berlin.

Nathalie Du Pasquier: The Big Game. Ink on paper, 70 x 100 cm, 2006
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Nathalie Du Pasquier: Untitled. Ink on paper, 100 x 70 cm, 2006

Untitled, Color Pencil on Paper


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