Dennis Congdon: Congeries

In an interview with Arthur Peña for New American Paintings, Dennis Congdon said, “I aspire to make paintings that a viewer can seize immediately – entire as it were – and then can move into slowly. We experience the landscape this way after all. We scan the horizon for coyotes, then look down and pick up a tuft of fur in the moss…If the stenciled elements could be seen as using the Florentine or fresco painting lineage, which puts drawing first, then the color is in the Venetian or oil on canvas lineage. These are two ‘lines’ that are ultimately never too far apart, but in the studio I have been employing means that allow the color and drawing to drift apart, reconnect, diverge again, and recouple.”
Dennis Congon, Installation view

Dennis Congdon, Green Pile, 2015, Flashe & enamel on canvas, 64x58"

detail, Green Pile


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