Diana Copperwhite Artist Interview

Sharon Butler interviewed artist Diana Copperwhite for Two Coats of Paint last spring. Copperwhite's show "A Million and One Things Under the Sun" was up at Kevin Kavanagh in Dublin.

Butler asked Copperwhite about the impact of her Irish heritage on her painting, especially the literary tradition of Ireland. She also asked about the painting in the digital era. Copperwhite responded
Painting is so physical but has the potential to do something very different to other media. To go back to the psychedelic I think that aspects of technology are almost hypnotic and trance-like and this creates a space in my paintings that gives rise to what you might consider the psychedelic.
Read the full interview here
Diana Copperwhite, Human Architecture, 2015, oil on canvas, 91 x 87 cm

Diana Copperwhite, V, 1915, oil on canvas


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