Luc Tuymans Artist Interview

‘Painting,’ this great painter tells me, ‘is an anachronism. It will always be that way. But it has never been naïve.’
Luc Tuymans was interviewed by Ben Eastham last fall, it was published in Apollo Magazine.

Remarkably, Tuymans states that most of his canvases are completed in a single day. ‘When I paint I don’t want to think any more. My intelligence shifts from my brain to my hand. It becomes an intense bodily act. When I close the door on my studio at the end of the day I have to be convinced that the painting has worked. Then I go drinking. I come back to the studio, still somewhat under the influence, in the morning, because that allows me to see the work with the eyes of a stranger, which is every artist’s dream. I know then if anything further needs to be done.’
Luc Tuymans in his studio.
Lucy Tuymans in his studio. Photo: © Alex Salinas

Luc Tuymans, Der Architekt, 1998


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