Helen O'Leary at Leslie Heller

Helen O'Leary's show at Lesley Heller was stellar. In an interview with Diana Copperwhite O'Leary discussed her studio work habit.
I work every day and prefer like most artists long days unpunctuated by anything else....I try to do the real finicky stuff as early as possible when I’m alert; the physical building takes a lot of focus. Getting ready to paint takes time, I use pigments, eggs, grounds, so there is a lot of prep work. I start most days with a healthy unravelling and dismantling of things I’m not happy with, and try to put a bit of order on the studio. Read the full interview here at PaintTube
Helen O'Leary, A Measure for Happiness, 2013, Egg tempera, oil emulsion, on constructed wood 19 x 11 x 5.5

Helen  O'Leary, A Measure for Happiness (detail), 2013
detail, A Measure for Happiness

detail, A Measure for Happiness


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