Angela Dufresne Artist Interview

Jennifer Samet interviewed Angela Dufresne for her blog Beer with a Painter last month.  Samet's description of Dufresne's paintings was as intense as the paintings themselves.  Samet writes "They have the double charge of raw materiality and intellect. Figures, mythological animals, and interspecies creatures are grafted into complex landscape settings. They are theatrical but not explanatory, evocative of weird stories, borrowing from mythology, film, art history and strange fantasy narratives. Smaller scale portraits show actors in roles — Dufresne’s role models and alter egos — as well as friends performing in half human guises. Dufresne also makes wild mash-up videos, exposing and presenting herself in multiple roles, singing and playing music against backdrops of studio interiors and landscapes."

They talked about Dufresne's early career, her videos, her ART21 Magazine article on Transgender theory and painters such as Fragonard, Watteau, Courbert andTurner.  Check out the full interview here

Angela Dufresne, “A Real Allegory Of My Artistic And Moral Life” (2014), oil on canvas, 84 x 132 inches  


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