Becky Suss at the ICA, Philadelphia

Becky Suss' large scale paintings of her relatives mid-century modern homes at the ICA, Philadelphia for her first solo museum exhibition.

Jennifer Zaro discusses the exhibition for the Artblog
Suss said that the lamps and books can be “clues” to meaning and that with these paintings she is “revisiting and reinventing, figuring out what the objects mean.” That book of poems in “Bedroom (Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám)” is presumably an English translation of quatrains by the 11th-century Persian poet and mathematician Omar Khayyám. The book appears twice in this exhibition: in this painting of the bedroom, and in its own small painting where we see it from an oblique bird’s-eye view, the book cover like a painstakingly painted, rich Persian carpet. Like this book of poems, Suss’ paintings are translations showing domestic items and places filtered, and flattened, through time and memory. read more here
Becky Suss, 2015, Installation View, ICA, University of Pennsylvania, Photo: Aaron Igler

Becky Suss, 1919 Chestnut (Three Cities, The Mother, Kiddush Hashem, Salvation, The Apostle, Mary, Nazarene) 2015 Oil on canvas, 84 x 60. Courtesy of the Artist and Fleisher/Ollman

Becky Suss, Living Room (Six Paintings Four Plates) 2015 Oil on canvas, 84 x 108"
 Courtesy of the Artist and Fleisher/Ollman

Becky Suss, “Bedroom (Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám)” (2015), oil on canvas, 84″ by 60″.
Courtesy the artist and Fleisher/Ollman, Philadelphia, Photo by Claire Iltis.


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