Merge Visible, Dennis Loesch at PM/AM

Merge Visible is a photoshop operation that allows the user to combine or unite all the layers within the image they're working with.  It's easy to build a photoshop images with 6, 8 or 10 layers in one file and any areas that are transparent will permit other layers to show through.  This is the premise of Dennis Loesch's newest work at PM/AM Gallery.  Loesch pushes this further to incorporate hand painted brush marks in his process. Geoff Hands describes the work in his review for ABCRIT
In ‘Untitled (DIN)’, ‘Lime Window’ (2015), and other works by Loesch, the hand painted brush marks are subsequently located behind the various UV-inkjet printed, meandering weaves or geometric shapes of light blue, lime green or other colours, and modified by these virtual brush or stencil-like shapes that have been rendered with a mouse or pen on a drawing tablet in Photoshop (or some similar program). These painted areas are typically part obscured by the printed digital interventions applied on top (the literal foreground) that act as portals and semi-translucent or solid shrouds.
Dennis Loesch, Untitled (Lime Window), 2015
Acrylic and UV-inkjet print on linen, 200 × 140 cm, photo credits PM/AM Gallery

Dennis Loesch, Installation View

Dennis Loesch, Acrylic and UV-inkjet print on linen 2015

Dennis Loesch, Acrylic and UV-inkjet print on linen 2015


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