Nick Goss at Simon Preston Gallery

Bluing, the title of Nick Goss' exhibition at Simon Preston stems from a family laundry business. James Cahill explains Goss's focus on places in Art in America
Goss’s layered yet evanescent images transform ordinary places—cafés, a launderette, the social clubs frequented by the local Turkish community—into psychological spaces where blanks are as common as physical presences.
Bluing refers to a laundering technique that adds a trace of blue dye to enhance the appearance of fabrics.

Nick Goss, Bluing, Installation View, Simon Preston Gallery
Nick Goss, Wash n Wear, 2015, oil, acrylic, fabric dye, screen print and oil pastel on linen, 90 x 71"
Nick Goss, Bluing 9, Installation View, Simon Preston Gallery


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