MFA shows at University of Florida - Jefreid Lotti

Jefreid Lotti, an MFA candidate at University of Florida opened his thesis exhibition Efichens last week. Lotti depicts his mother, utilitarian objects and the efficiency apartment they lived in when they arrived from Cuba. Lotti explains
One morning while she prepared my clothes for school on the bed where I slept, she accidentally placed a hot iron on my leg. I woke up startled and with the desire to scream but I didn’t…These paintings come from such a place.

Jefreid Lotti, Llantos
Jefreid Lotti, Llantos, 2015, 12 x 12"

Jefreid Lotti, Efichens
Jefreid Lotti, detail

Jefreid Lotti, Llantos, 2015, 12 x 12"


  1. ugh, I wish I could've seen their shows. They did great!


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