Mary Heilman in London

Looking at Pictures a Mary Heilman retrospective just opened at Whitechapel in London. Adrian Searle reviewed the show for the Guardian and writes

There are no tremors of the absolute, no toying with the ineffable or the muscular weightlifting of Heavy and Important Subject Matter in Heilmann’s art. She has played fast and loose with formal manners without turning the whole thing into a joke or a diatribe against the abstract canon, whose father figures (they were invariably men) are squinty-eyed, finger-wagging purveyors of half-cocked rules about the right and wrong ways of doing things. Much of the time, I didn’t understand what they were talking about. more

Mary Heilman, Crashing Wave, 2011

Mary Heilmann

Mary Heilman, Primalon Ballroom, 20012

Cup Drawing, 1983, by Mary Heilmann.
Mary Heilman, Cup Drawing


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