Phyllis Bramson, Chicago Cultural Center, Part II

I've included details in this post to focus on the collage material in Bramson's paintings. That range of surface shifting (ribbons, fabric, board, paper, etc.) isn't present in the oldest work at the bottom of this post. Shipwrecked from 1987 relies on exclusively on brush work for texture.

Phyllis Bramson, Serial Longing, 2011, Mixed Media, collage and oil on canvas

Phyllis Bramson, The Collectors Wife's Collection (all that she owns!), 2016, Mixed Media, collage and oil on canvas


Phyllis Bramson, Perpetual Offering, 2002, Mixed media, collage, and oil on canvas

detail Perpetual Offering

Phyllis Bramson, Shipwrecked, 1987, oil on canvas


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