Squeak Carnwath - Redux

August, the proverbial dog days of summer, is a good time to look back on the past twelve months. Today begins a ten part series reviewing the top blog posts (via web traffic) this year.

Squeak Carnwath's exhibition What's Before Comes After is reviewed by John Yau for Hyperallergic.
Carnwath is a studio painter who doesn’t work from the figure or still-life. Rather, she transforms the studio’s secure, enclosed spatial world into a rectilinear plane that is open and vulnerable to every variety of event, every sort of thinking and experience. Conceived by the artist as “our space,” this plane becomes a repository of all kinds of information – a non-narrative record of diverse pictorial signs, abstract patterns, and excerpts drawn from a wide range of sources. more
Squeak Carnwath, “Two of Everything” (2014-2015), oil and alkyd on canvas over panel, 60 x 70 inches (all images courtesy Jane Lombard)

Squeak Carnwath, Girls, 2015


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