Jeff Elrod, Blur

Jeff Elrod's blur paintings translate his drawings into blurred images. Much like my phone pictures of my back pocket Elrod's paintings resist focus.  We're compelled to look but the image never coalesces. Roberta Smith wrote in a 2013 review of Elrod's exhibition at PS1
 Some might say they parody what Clement Greenberg called the visual “presence” of great paintings; presence here is almost automatic, an unavoidable fact — thrilling in the way roller coaster rides are. more
Jeff Elrod, Plume, 2016
UV ink on Fischer canvas, 114 x 194.5"
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Jeff Elrod, Installation view, Luhring Augustine

Jeff Elrod, Untitled, 2016
UV ink on Fischer canvas, 144 x 108 inches

Jeff Elrod, Untitled (blue blur), 2016
UV ink on Fischer canvas, 144 x 114.5 inches


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