Joan Semmel at Alexander Gray

Joan Semmel's exhibition at Alexander Gray is a series of new works existing in two layers. All based on the Semmel's nude self portrait.  Clairty Haines interviewed Semmel for Hyperallergic. They talk about women painting in the 1970's, feminist painting and aging. Haines asked Semmel if her work was contributing to the discussion about media and conformity.

I’m offering myself, in a funny kind of way, as a model for what it could be. How we need to feel about ourselves. How we need to have the confidence to assume that we’re OK just the way we are! We don’t have to be perfect to be lovable, especially to ourselves. To care about yourself, to feel like you’re all right, is a primary need. More

Joan Semmel, “Aura” (2016), oil on canvas, 72 x 60 in 
(courtesy Alexander Gray Associates, New York; © Joan Semmel/Artists Rights Society [ARS], New York)
Joan Semmel, Installation View, Alexander Gray Gallery

Joan Semmel, Blue Embrace


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