Maria Lassnig back in nyc

Petzel starts the fall season with a survey of the late Maria Lassnig's paintings from 1968-1980. The work dates to Lassnig's twelve years living in the New York to be in "the country of strong women".

Maria Lassnig, Woman Power
1979, Oil on canvas, 71.65 x 49.61 inches
© Maria Lassnig Foundation / The Essl Collection, Klosterneuburg / Vienna.

Maria Lassnig, Selbstportraet als Indianergirl
1973, Oil on canvas, 71.65 x 50"

Maria Lassnig, Silbernes Teeservice/Geburtstagsbild
c. 1972, Oil on canvas, 26.77 x 25.98"

Maria Lassnig, Not the hard rock but the water wears away the everlasting hills
1977, Pencil on paper, 18.03 x 24.02"

Maria Lassnig, The murder of ML I. Abendlekt├╝re
1973, Pencil on paper, 22.44 x 28.54"


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