Richard Heipp at Gallery Protocol

Richard Heipp's new series of paintings Reflecting on Beuys are in a reductive sense paintings of photographs. Yet they're also self portraits. Each painting is embedded with Heipp's reflection in the glass as he stood in front of the photographs documenting Joseph Beuys performances. The layers of remove from the original event, the insertion of the self into history and the exacting reproduction of every fleck of reflective light make these paintings some of his most intimate images to date. Through Oct. 15 at Gallery Protocol

Richard Heipp, , Reflecting on Beuys #2 Eating, #2 of 4, Acrylic paint on PVC sheet, 38" H x 58" W, 2016

Detail, Richard Heipp, Reflecting on Beuys #2 Eating

Richard Heipp, Reflecting on Beuys #1 Standing, #1 of 4Acrylic paint on PVC sheet, 38" H x 58" W, 2016

Detail: Richard Heipp, Reflecting on Beuys #1 Standing


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