Ruby Anyinyechi Amanze's Story Telling

Ruby Anyinyechi Amaze's large scale works on paper reflect her response to a nomadic life. Nigeria, England, Philadelphia, Michigan and Brooklyn have all influenced her understanding of space and the idea of the self as hybrid.

In an interview with First Indigo and Lifestyle Amaze addressed the narrative aspect of her work
I think of the drawings as non-linear narratives. Story telling is a fluid art, and even when it’s ‘true’, there is always an element of fiction in it. I’m a storyteller. And I leave space for the viewers to insert themselves or participate in constructing the narrative. There are clues- some of which come from actual experiences (mine or sampled), some of which are entirely fabricated. I don’t feel any obligation to give the viewer everything. Nor do I feel that art is a platform solely for me to communicate a particular and clear ‘message’. That’s not my job as an artist. more

Ruby Anyinyechi Amanze

Ruby Anyinyechi Amanze, Carrying Ourselves on the Bed We've Made, 2015

Ruby Anyinyechi Amanze, with the galaxy beneath her, she remembered the magic of soaring amidst coconut clouds, 2014, pencil, ink, photo transfers, 6'8" x 9'6"

Ruby Anyinyechi Amanze, Kisses at at beach with a hammock for audre (to learn to pray), 96 x 72"

Ruby Anyinyechi Amanze, 10 Liters of Air (The Divers II)


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