Gregory Amenoff at Alexandre Gallery

Gregory Amenoff's paintings are rooted in the american landscape.  Stephen Westfall writes
For nearly four decades Amenoff’s paintings have resurrected the organically abstract forms of Dove, O’Keeffe, Hartley among other iconic American painters and recast them in terms of a post war monumental scale that had passed from Abstract Expressionism to Minimalism and Pop. Amenoff isn’t simply looking back to a rustic American abstraction, however. His image references extend back through German Expressionism and Kandinsky’s Expressionist, landscape-based abstraction; the Symbolist landscapes of Charles Burchfield, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Courbet’s gnarly grottos; and even to the frozen bursts of divinity in Sienese painting. And yet, he remains an emphatically contemporary painter, in visual conversation with the likes of Bill Jensen, Margaret Lewzcuk, Per Kirkeby, and such visionary artists who invoke landscape as Joseph Yoakum.
 See more work here Alexandre Gallery and Westfall's full essay here

Gregory Amenoff, Dreamer for GG, 2016, Oil on canvas, 36 x 36"

Gregory Amenoff, Clearing for JB, 2016, Oil on canvas, 72 x 62"


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