Julie Mehretu and Abstraction

Paddy Johnson, Art F City, reviewed Julie Mehretu's new exhibition, "Hoodnyx, Voodoo and Stelae" at Marian Goodman Gallery. In her review Johnson questions whether abstract painting could engage (successfully) with complex political issues.  While working hard to connect the social issues cited in Mehretu's titles Johnson is unable to make the direct connections implied through the limited visual language available to abstract painters.  Mehretu puts her politics before her painting in this recent work....telling us what to feel rather than making us feel.  Read the full review here
Julie Mehretu, Hoodnyx, Voodoo and Stelae, Installation View, Marian Goodman

Julie Mehretu, Aleppo, 2016, Ink and Acrylic on Canvas, 72 x 84"

Julie Mehretu, Conjured Parts (eye), Ferguson, 2016, Ink and Acrylic on Canvas, 84 x 96"

Julie Mehretu, Conjured Parts (Axon) Homs, 2016, Ink and Acrylic on Canvas, 84 x 96"


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