Toba Khedoori at LACMA

Toba Khedoori's gigantic, silent, empty places hum with life.   Empty chairs in a theater, doors, windows, walkways and fireplaces all imply human presence from a mediative distance.  The surfaces are covered in wax that gathers dust, stray hairs and other debris taking what should be a pristine white surface into a lived space.  Chris Knight reviews the show for the LA Times
Each is simultaneously a drawing, a painting and an installation. Drawings on thick sheets of paper, they are made at the mural-scale of paintings (using oil paint) but are unframed, brushed with wax and stapled to the wall in a manner that emphasizes them as physical objects.

Toba Khedoori's monumental hybrids of painting, drawing and installation art are at LACMA.
Toba Khedoori, Installation View, LA County Museum

Toba Khedoori, "Untitled (black fireplace)"

Toba Khedoori


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