Judith Linhares

Judith Linhares show at Various Small Fires was juicy and intense. Sharon Mizota reviewed the exhibition for the LA Times and writes "Linhares’ picnics imagine what happens when the men are removed from the picture. The nude is joined by friends who are also awkward, posing upside down with their legs against a tree, bent in half on a picnic blanket, or sitting with their legs splayed. Rendered in great, confident slashes of paint, these poses suggest sexual availability but aren’t really sexy. Like Manet’s painting, they invoke a tradition only to shut it down." more

More images to come

Judith Linhares, Stack, 2017

detail, Stack

Judith Linhares, Dig, Oil on linen, 2017

detail, Dig

detail, Dig

Judith Linhares, A New Day, 2017

detail A New Day, 2017

detail, A New Day, 2017


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