Seismic Shuffle, Carrie Moyer

The Carrie Moyer show at Mary Boone was a master class in painted surfaces. Acrylic paint and glitter pour, slide, and ooze across the surface in a body of work that shifted between high gloss and extra matte surfaces.  The compositions felt simultaneously sophisticated and light as air.  The extra matte surfaces allowed Moyer to create a new level of pictorial space, almost Matisse like, and to revel in formal issues and the pleasure that can be derived from them.

Carrie Moyer, Stellarium, 48 x 36" Acrylic on canvas, 2016

detail, Stellarium

Carrie Moyer, Sun Soma, 78 x 66", Acrylic, glitter on canvas, 2017

detail, Sun Soma

detail, Sun Soma

Carrie Moyer, Hot Metal Twice, 90 x 66", Acrylic, glitter on Canvas, 2017

detail, Hot Metal Twice

Carrie Moyer, Afterparty in the Rhizosphere, 96 x 78", Acrylic, glitter on Canvas, 2017

detail, Afterparty in the Rhizosphere

Carrie Moyer, Totem Before the Event Horizon, 78 x 66", Acrylic on Canvas, 2017


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