Sarah Morris in New Orleans

Sarah Morris: Sawdust and Tinsel at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans included paintings and videos. The city portraits of Rio were the strongest in the show. Contrasting different layers of household gloss paint Morris has precise surface shifts that are truly exciting (look at the details).  The series from Abu Dhabi are visually too chaotic and while that may be her interpretation of the location it made for busy compositions that distract from her carefully crafted surfaces. The Rio work made me think of Ellsworth Kelleys sparse use of forms with the addition of Morris' controlled facture. 

Sarah Morris, Rio Atlantica (Rio), 2013, Household gloss paint on canvas

Sarah Morris, Denuza Ledo (Rio), 2012

detail Denuza Ledo (Rio), 2012

Sarah Morris, Bovespa (Rio), 2013

detail Bovespa (Rio), 2013


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