More Leon Golub

With so many great works in the Met Breuer's exhibition I thought I'd include a couple of small works on paper. Golub moved from charcoal to lithography to painting with ease. His mastery of the material is evidenced in whatever medium he engaged.

Leon Golub, Head, 1947, Charcoal

Leon Golub, Mr. Amok, 1994, Ink and Gouache

Leon Golub, The Brank, 1984, Lithograph

Leon Golub, (Left) We Can Disappear You (#2) Acrylic on linen, 2001,
(Right) This Could Be Your!" Acrylic on linen, 2001

Leon Golub (Left) Encounter, No date, Lithograph
(Right) 1985 - S. Africa, Lithograph


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