Dana Schutz Imagine Me and You

There are plenty of great reviews about Dana Schutz's new show "Imagine Me and You" at Pretzel. Roberta Smith of the  NYT argues this may be Schutz's best show yet as Schutz "bounces between the personal and political." Adam Mac Adam writes for the Brooklyn Rail
Schutz’s Painting in an Earthquake (2018) is a magnificent portrait of the female artist-prophet, working amid the clatter of a social dissonance whose only purpose is to disrupt her inspired relationship with her work by imposing restrictions on her, censoring her imagination. Schutz’s self-portrait perhaps, resolutely turns her back on the world outside the painting so she can focus her God-given energy on the task that matters most to her: making art. 
Her paint handling remains pure bliss and the details in these paintings, from the tattoos to ankle monitors are riveting.

detail: Touched

The Wanderer

Detail: The Wanderer
The Visible World

Detail: The Visible World


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