Neil Welliver

Neil Welliver's paintings and woodcuts were at Tibor de Nagy last month. Welliver makes small studies painting outdoors using only 8 colors and working within a three hour time frame to maintain control of the light. Larger paintings are then constructed in the studio. Woodcuts were created in collaboration with Shigemitsu Tsukaguchi, a master woodcutter in the ukiyo-e tradition. The dance between the looser more viscous paint in the outdoor studies and the tightly controlled woodcuts was delicious.

Neil Welliver, Bear Hole, 1996

Neil Welliver

detail: Neil Welliver

Neil Welliver, Study for Light, 1996 Oil on Linen, 12 x 12"

Neil Welliver, Across St. John's, 1991

detail: Neil Welliver, Across St. John's, 1991


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