Amy Sherald

This was my first time seeing Amy Sherald's paintings. No artist "bursts on the scene",  they paint away even when no one is paying attention. Yet Sherald became very visible very fast when her portrait of the Michelle Obama was unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery. Sherald's show at Hauser $ Wirth last month was gorgeous and I came a way with a couple of important geeky painter insights.  She can really paint curly hair! That's not easy and its frequently avoided but her strokes and colors on tight curls is deft.  Second, she can paint the ocean. The Hauser & Wirth show was up at the same time as the Vija Celmins retrospective at the Met Breuer, so ocean painting and drawing was in the air, look at the second picture, we have only seen the beginning of Sherald's range.

Amy Sherald, Precious Jewels by the Sea, 2019

detail: Precious Jewels by the Sea
Amy Sherald

detail, Amy Sherald
Amy Sherald, Sometimes the King is a Woman, Oil on canvas, 2019


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