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Hannah Kline 

Hannah Kline, Everything Buffering, 13 x 10', Acrylic paint and collage on faux leather

detail: Hannah Kline, Everything Buffering

Hannah Kline, The Gathering

Hannah Kline, Artist Statement

Everything Buffering has organically formed through accumulation, patience, and uncalculated labor. Each time I’ve sat down to work on this piece, there has been no predetermined “next step.” I’ve alluded to this process in the title by including the term “buffering,” which I similarly define as “unresolved motion through time.” It is a phenomenon that I formerly perceived as a mere computing issue. Now, when I think of the expression “everything buffering,” I think of dust settling after an explosion. Perhaps we can all relate a little more to the latter.
Uncertainty has met its most intense reality within our lifetimes. For this precise reason, I pelrsonally feel that “uncertainty” itself commands a more tangible representation. Everything Buffering gives life to the unmeasured, everlasting sort of limbo that has become most prevalent in our lives today.


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