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Sierra Labra, Untitled and Unoriginal "Now That's a Hot Bowl of Soup"

Sierra Labra, Hot Noodz

Sierra Labra, The Underrated Issue, detail

Sierra Labra, A Ripple in Time

Artist Statement
The Soup of My Mind began as a way to describe my experiences while traveling abroad where words previously failed. Collaging fragments of these experiences together, each piece functions as a slice of reality melted and molded into an unrecognizable image, how memories can become distorted or exaggerated where only a feeling remains. Continuing as a stream of consciousness, layers are created between the past and the present to explore how memories can be lost or twisted in the formation of new ones. 

 Untitled and Unoriginal 
“Now That’s A Hot Bowl of Soup” 
 Untitled and Unoriginal 
“Now That’s A Hot Bowl of Soup” 


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