Kerry James Marshall

In the absence of galleries and museum exhibitions I've been revisiting work that that continues to resonate with me. Kerry James Marshall's paintings are certainly part of my cannon.  I first saw his work at the Chicago Cultural Center in 1992, right after I moved back to the Chicago and again a year or so later at the Art Institute of Chicago and at many more venues from that time forward. In an interview with Gabriel Coxhead for Apollo Magazine,  Marshall explains  
‘Part of what I’m doing in my work is about attending to this absence of black representation in the historical narrative,’ he tells me. ‘But the question is always then, when you put black people in a picture, what should they be doing?’" 
Kerry James Marshall, Slow Dance, 75 x 74", 1992-3 

Kerry James Marshall, Our Town, 101 x 143", 1995

Kerry James Marshall, Bang, 103 x 114"


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